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Welcome to the best hobby on the island!

Kauai Brew Club is a place for beer lovers to unite and talk about their passion for the taste of beer and other strong waters, celebrate them and get motivated to brew your very own beers, ciders or what ever else wets your whistle.

With the current state of affairs we are unable to hold our regular meetings and gatherings however, we will be trying to have a few virtual get togethers. Subscribe to us here to get any updates on when and what those may be.

Brewing days and event dates can be seen on the Events Page, or by Clicking Here.

If you want to keep up to date with what you may have missed or hear about all the fun we’ve already had, you can read the details on the Meeting Notes Page, or by Clicking Here.

okole maluna!

6 thoughts on “Home Brew

  1. Can anybody help me? I’m moving to Kauai in a couple of weeks, and i want to know if there are brewshops there that have all the beer gear and ingredients for brewing or is there some stuff I should bring from Hollyland? Mahalo

    1. Hi Johnny,

      We do not have a brew shop on island at this time. However, homebrew in paradise (http://homebrewinparadise.com/) is on Oahu, and they ship over to Kauai. Also, Kauai Beer Company will often let you purchase grain and hops from them, as long as it’s something they have on hand and it is already opened.

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